Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Favorite Designers... Today

I'm going to compile a list of my favorite designers... as of today that is. I reserve the right to drop or add a designer as I so desire. Why is it important that I rank my favorites? Because I can. Why should it mean anything to anyone else? Because they might like these designers too.

Designer for me includes graphics, animation, engineering, furniture... basically anything and anyone that makes something that is visually pleasing to me.

In no particular order:
-Takashi Murakami - I talked about him in a previous post.
-Chris Ware - phenomenal illustrator of Jimmy Corrigan, Quimby the Mouse and other kitschy characters and their comics. Totally retro style, and correct me if I'm wrong, all hand illustrated! Amazing!
-Imaginary Forces - They do all kinds of animation and motion graphics. I like the saying they have on their home page, "At one point in time, everything had not been done."
-Johannes Gutenberg - Arguably the most important figure in communication before Al Gore invented the internet? Known for the Gutenberg Bible, but really, movable type... I realize it is a stretch to call him a "designer," but so much that he did is so important to design. And what design minded person doesn't love the look of moveable type.
-Chank Diesel and his Chank Co. - He's a new breed in type designers. I realize this might be a bit of a stretch, but I like that he doesn't take himself too seriously, and just keeps cranking out fonts.
-Marek Reichman and the Aston Martin Design Team - Responsible for the Aston Martin... a very, hot, production car.
-Frank Gehry - I realize he's become cliche, but you have to appreciate his crazy, computer driven designs for museums all over the world. The firm should disband however, and become architect martyrs...leave us wanting more.
-Antoni Gaudi - The original Frank Gehry

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Print/Pattern Vacation

Take a little vacation from your day at my fellow blogger's site print & pattern. A site devoted to the "world of surface pattern & design." Great designs... err, patterns. Very simply enjoyable. Worth a visit.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What I like. Remind me.

I keep finding these interesting web sites, or interesting designs, or interesting designers, or, just a small bit of culture or knowledge that is worth taking note of. I, of course bookmark them. The problem is I'm starting to get way too many bookmarks. AND, I want to compile a sort of road map of what I am interested in, from month to month, year to year. I'm curious what the common threads are... what is the common connection that links an interest to me? Frankly, it seems like I'm all over the place. I suppose good, is just good, but I want to try and figure out why, "it" is "good". Mapping my thoughts on "what is good," seems to be a good place to start.