Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Farm Under Tons of Snow

Thought I would post pictures of the farm and all the snow we got. Yes, the house is yellow. No, we didn't pick out the yellow. Yes, we will be changing the yellow. But I digress, even though I'm looking at 8' piles of snow, I'm still thinking about my garden. If it warms up a bit, I might go out and measure the garden space so I can do some plant layouts. Wow, I'm exciting.

Monday, January 12, 2009

-0° and I'm Plannin' My Garden

Really? Has it been since September since my last post? Wow! Well, a lot has happened since August of this past year... as I think I mentioned, we moved our family from the relatively large city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to a farm (my Wife prefers "acreage") outside of a small town in Ioway! I'm closer to work. We've got room to spread our wings. I've got lots of buildings to tinker with and in...

Funny, we seem to have picked the worst winter in recent memory to move to a farm. I'm reminded of just how much I really don't know about this world and how really vicious it can be... Read here: getting my car stuck in the snowbank half way down the driveway. Proceed to walk the 1/4 mile down the driveway to get the mail and nearly die of hypothermia. I'm thinking of Pa on Little House in the blizzard here. Yeah, internet, cell phones, cable t.v., cars ...and mother nature can still simply kick your tail when you aren't paying attention.

Anyway, to pass the time this evening, on a cold January night, I'm planning my garden. I've got room to plant here people. And I'm wondering if I've got more ambition at this point than is healthy. Sure, I grew up with a garden, but, somehow, it just took care of itself (thanks Mom!). Since this is a blog about what I'm into... I figure it is fair to make this process of planning, growing, maintaining and harvesting my garden this year a regular feature on my design blog. Hope you'll (whoever "you" are) look in from time to time on my success and failure. Maybe you'll learn something from my trial and errors... I'll try to post pictures and keep a relatively interesting journal. Thus, the TownKid becomes the FarmKid. What can I say, I'm a complex individual.