Wednesday, October 3, 2007

i Robot - i Like

Admittedly, I'm not on the cutting edge of the technology bubble here by talking about the Roomba robot vacuum and its siblings, by the iRobot company, but I do want one. More so recently than ever before. They just keep getting better, doing more and more jobs for us. Actually take the time to physically vacuum or wash the floor? Too easy. NOW, I can even get by without having to actually get my hands dirty cleaning my gutters with their new Looj. This is amazing! Live smart, not hard I like to say.

And, to add to the cool factor, so many people have been "hacking" the Roomba, that the company now offers an open platform model that can be customized. I understand one person was able to program it to retrieve beers from the refrigerator. That is so completely, impractically cool!

Or, they also offer a ConnectR robot, which you can use to interact with your kids, or pets instead of you! How good can it get? "Gee honey, I'm sort of worn down from work today and really need a break. Just send in the robot to talk to little Timmy about how school was today." Alright, I realize I just switched to sarcastic. But there are limits to what duties we should expect robots to do for us. And I suppose it does require some interaction from you... BUT, I digress... Check out the Roomba at iRobot.

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