Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Painter and a Sculptor

Jason Ruhl is an artist who paints and works in mixed media. His stuff is minimalist with a history. There is often social commentary mixed in, along with the fantastically clever pop culture reference. He uses pink, which is an arbitrary comment by me, but I love pink. Seriously. His mixed media work includes compositions, of amongst other things, vintage ads and comics and medical drawings. I also think his Polaroids are reviving the media, and this new series of buttons has got some serious potential. Who doesn't love a good button.

Jason belongs to an informal artist's collective called No Fun. I don't believe I know any of this group personally, but they all seem to do great, interesting, valid work. Check out a collabrative effort including some of these artists at this blog spot.

Tracey Scheich is primarily a sculptor who's work is plain and simply elegant. The latest stuff I've seen called "Creatures" is elegant, but fun at the same time. I look at these creatures as little action figures in ceramic. And, that is a good thing in my opinion. These characters have a soul, and a back story, and a running narrative, and a future adventure with other ceramic friends. Love this stuff.

Visit their web sites. Get in touch with them. Buy lots of their work.
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