Sunday, May 1, 2011

2011 Garden Season: Seed Choices

Seed Potato: 2 varieties (Yukon and ?)
Yellow onion - seed bulbs
Garlic seed bulbs
Strawberry: Quinault
Spinach: Blomsdale Longstanding
Lettuce: Buttercrunch
Swiss Chard: Bright Lights
Kale: Dwarf Blue Scotch Curled
Brussels Sprouts: Long Island Improved
Kohlrabi: Early White Vienna
Cucumber: Straight Eight
Beans: Cowpea - California Blackeye
- Pencil Pod Black Wax
- Gourmet Green
Peas: Little Marvel
-Sugar Snap Pole
Carrots: Nantes
-Little Finger
Radishes: Sparkler White Tip
Beets: Detroit Dark Red
Tomato (Seed): Chocolate Cherry
Squash: Zucchini Dark
-Mammoth Table Queen/Royal Acorn
-Early Prolific Straightneck
-Yellow Scallop Bush
-Waltham Butternut
Pumpkin: Jack O'Lantern
-Small Sweet Sugar/Pie
Watermelon: Sugar Baby
Corn: Kandy Korn
-Peaches and Cream
-Ornamental Indian

Nothing in the ground yet. Weather is cold (mid 40's) and WINDY!

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