Thursday, March 5, 2009

69 Degrees in March

So, it is 69° and it is March! Beautiful day, and since I'm home "parenting" the kids today because the Wife has the flu, I thought I might go outside and measure my garden space while the kids are napping. (My dog Franny was happy to help...)

Obviously, I have room to expand if need be, but one has to wonder if you can make a garden too big? So, I measured, and the space that has been used is 50' long by 30' wide. That's pretty big! I've lived in apartments smaller than that.

Following are a few pics of the garden. Other than being under a mushy mess of mud and slush, it is an exciting thing to see the ground again. Gives me hope that spring might actually come again. Next step will be to draw the space out to scale, and see how the vegetables I want to put in fit.

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